The Befawara jazz quartet

Befawara is a jazz project from the city of Bergen in Norway. It is a quartet consisting of musicians from the Grieg-academy in Bergen and the University of Cape Town in South-Africa.

Their music focus on improvisation and interaction. This creates a exploratory, energetic and melodic sound. The music is in constant development and they focus on breaking free from individual norms within form, harmony and defining roles. In the autumn of 2015 they went on a tour, and I created the tour-identity for the band.

Inspired by their sound, and creative vision, I wanted to visually communicate what Befawara creates through sound. With simple forms, I created a design element from the letters in the band name. The Identity is constructed around this design element, which is the main focus of expression. It shows random movement but in a structured set-up, with purpose, just as with their music.