Tindebrygg - micro brewery

Concept and branding proposal for a micro brewery from the north of Norway. Tindebrygg is a home brewery located in Lofoten, an archipelago located in the northern part of Norway.

Lofoten is known for its incredible nature with its impressive contrasts, and the concept is inspired by the patience and determination that nature displays when creating these landscapes. The similarities between this process and good craftsmanship, is the manifest of Tindebrygg

The name consists of the two Norwegian words, Tind that means mountain(peak) and brygg that means brew. Tindebrygg believes that determination, patience and hard work is the key to a great and honest product. The logo symbol is a monogram of the letters T and B, and is a visualization of the movement of tectonic plates and how they create mountains. The overall visual approach is simple raw and honest, communicating a determined expression.