Filmmaker Truls Krane Meby

Truls is a self-taught filmmaker from the north of Norway. This characterizes both content as well as the visuals in his films in a beautiful and fascinating, yet sometimes uncomfortably honest way. His work is genuine, and distinct.

Truls’ films often focuses on portraying the natural development of a story rather than over explaining it. Storylines are often relatable and nostalgic, which makes the viewer revisit and contemplate similar experiences, building a bond between the viewer and the story. Truls balances elegantly between visual content and dialogue, creating eye catching contrasts, thereby capturing the viewers focus.

Authentic and honest - balancing visual content and dialog. Truls’ self-taught form of expression is a direct inspiration for the visual strategy. I focused on enhancing the powerful expressiveness in Truls films to create a justified visual result. Through making a collaboration between images and text, the synergy of esthetics and communication is reflected. The solution for the design allows for Truls’ work to be the protagonist of the design, and speak on his behalf.